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Product Description

Professional Epoxy Coating is a versatile epoxy that can be used for joints, fillets, glass fabric saturation and coating.

It has a slow initial cure time that makes it ideal for unpractised workers. It does not rely on solvents for treating the surface or softening for further coats thus it is perfect for those whose workplace is within smelling distance of a living area. There is no need to use respirators or have an air extractor system.

Glue wooden parts together and then make a virtually maintenance free waterproof surface by epoxy coating it. This epoxy is used for gluing the wood, laminates and fillets as well as for coating wooden parts. We recommend the use of this solvent free epoxy for use at home. For more information on using this epoxy, especially for home boat-building, see our Working with Epoxy information page.

Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C's) are virtually zero as there are no solvents in our epoxy system. Our epoxy is environmentally friendly because it is 100% reactive.

Each kilogram is roughly one litre of mixed epoxy: 1.5 kg is sufficient epoxy for small repairs to wooden boats; 3 kg is the amount needed to coat an average dinghy deck twice; 6 kg is sufficient for completing an average kayak and 8 kg is sufficient for completing an average dinghy.

We strongly recommend using measuring pumps or digital scales for dispensing the epoxy but for small volumes pumps are not necessary. It is safe to use cleaned-out yoghurt pots or similar as mixing pots for this epoxy (do not try this with other epoxies – always follow the manufacturer's instructions).

Bundles of epoxy and commonly required items are also available.