Dispensing Pumps



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Product Description

One pump for the resin and one pump for the activator. For use with Professional Epoxy Coatings home epoxy packs. They make life a lot easier and will last for many packs of epoxy.

Large Dispensing Pumps

These pumps are suitable for epoxy systems of 3 kg or 3 litres and upwards.

The resin pump measures out approximately twice as much as the activator pump, so you only need one measure of each to get the correct mix ratio. However, it is important to measure the ratio of resin and activator by another means, such as digital scales. This is because the epoxy can crystallise inside the pumps, restricting the volume dispensed and affecting the ratio.

Please note that pumps are included with the epoxy in our boat kits.

Small Dispensing Pumps

These small pumps are for epoxy systems of less than 3 kg or 3 litres. Unlike the large pumps, these measure equal amounts, so two measures of epoxy should be mixed with one measure of activator. As above, it is still important to measure the resin and activator using digital scales.