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Product Description

Sei Whale is a clear, all-purpose epoxy system with high UV resistance and a choice of hardener speeds to suit your working time. It is good for hand lay-up, coating and filling, among other applications.

This is a bio-based epoxy system that helps to reduce the environmental impact of our customers' end products, while maintaining or improving product performance. The R*Concept range of epoxy systems have been developed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing some of the petroleum-based components with bio-based renewable materials. As a concept dedicated to respect for the environment, each epoxy system in the range is named after a species threatened with extinction.

Sei Whale epoxy has a low viscosity which makes for easy saturation of fibreglass reinforcements. It also has a wide working temperature range that makes it convenient for many end users. Its high UV stability makes it ideal for applications that require clear, low yellowing finishes.

Like most epoxies, this resin has a slight tint, so is not suitable for clear casting. We recommend using one of our water-clear casting resins for this purpose.

The Sei Whale epoxy system comprises the Sei Whale epoxy resin and either Fast or Slow hardener.

Mix Ratio: 2:1 by volume.

Mix Ratio (Slow hardener): 100:46 by weight.

Mix Ratio (Fast hardener): 100:50 by weight.

Working temperature range: 10-35°C.

Slow Cure: 45-55 minute pot life at 25°C.

Fast Cure: 12-17 minute pot life at 25°C.

Pack sizes
Pack Size Resin Hardener
0.75 kg 0.53 kg 0.22 kg
1.5 kg 1.06 kg 0.44 kg
3 kg 2.11 kg 0.89 kg
6 kg 4.23 kg 2.77 kg
15 kg 10.56 kg 4.44 kg
30 kg 21.13 kg 8.87 kg

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